In spring of 2016 we started as an idea and just a few short months later we made that idea a reality. The idea was simply to unite the classic Toronto pastime of cycling and the other past time of food and fellowship. The Cycledine magic is hard to explain but we'll try, We take our guests to 3 different Restaurants\Locations for a 3 course meal.  All of our tours are accessed with Bicycles and the locations are undisclosed until arrival. We have established relationships with over 30 prominent establishments in Toronto hand picked by a team of hospitality professionals who are keen to deliver the most unique Toronto food tour experience.


The Cycledine tour sets itself apart from most tours by placing human interaction at the core of our operations. Our groups are sized to ensure an intimate experience with tour guides suited with the skills to bring people together in meaningful and engaging ways.

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Safety is of the utmost importance to us both as it pertains to the covid-19 pandemic and road safety. Our team works diligently in accordance with CDC guidelines to ensure that all of our guests are safe. All of our tour guides lead tours in accordance with road safety protocols and inclusive of every tour is an introduction to road safety presentation conducted by our tour guides.